Testimonials: Derek Lundie

Hayati has helped me lose 10 kg and made me much fitter for endurance and weights. She helped me to change my diet and even nearly stopped me drinking beer (substitute with low calorie Jim Beam or champagne, that allowed is it not ?). She absolutely kills you during the workout ,which is just the way I like it. She pushes pushes and pushes to show you what is possible. I remember one time I was fishing for a compliment on how I was progressing,was that an 8/10? she said every time you get up there we will pick it up so you will not make 10/10, hard indeed but what drive to better me .

Hayati is the little devil on my shoulder saying, don`t eat those carbs, don`t drink that beer, push on, do not let yourself down. I even now train on holiday!!
I can now do crazy things like clap push ups, L- shaped pull ups, handstand push ups, sumo dead lifts. All parts of my body have ached because of her but thank you without you I would have done none of the above.

Thank you , loving it .

Deek Lundie


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