Testimonials: John Bremner

Ok, so my crazy, nice, wicked, kind sadistic trainer wants some comments for her website! Just ‘a few words’. righto then, one thing straight first, ‘I DON’T DO A FEW WORDS’ , I mostly talk a lot and for this topic, I will write more than a few words!

Life before Hayati, was for me, attempting diets, swimming, cycling and generally kidding myself on that I was trying to lose weight! I always had a back strain, a sore knee, a cold or any number of possible excuses to NOT go to the gym! So I eventually decided to join my friend Berni and go along to his “gym” and see what it was like. He also recommended Hayati, as he had previously been trained by her, when his regular trainer Patrick was on vacation. His words still echo in my head, “if you want a tough trainer, who will definintely make you get fitter and lose weight, go to Hayati, she’s a fu**ing lunatic!”. I was morbidly intrigued and took his advice.

Quite simply it was life changing!

I lost 23kg in 7 months, my fitness level became so good that I purchased a bicycle, to cycle to and from work, 3 days a week(the days I don’t train with Hayati), 35km round trip in sweltering heat was impossible on the 6th April 2010, when I first met Hayati. I had my made to measure suit taken in 155mm at the waist and 165 mm in the chest! My blood pressure went from an average 160-170 over 80-85, to 120-130 over 60-70. My body strength and my back and legs have strengthened immeasurably. Sure I ache every single day, because of her constantly changing type and degree of difficulty when training. It’s like you never get the same exercise twice, or they are so far apart it makes you think like that. She keeps on setting harder and harder exercise goals and although you never think you can possibly achieve them, you always do! if you manage to ever make something easy, then be assured it will never be easy again. Throughout everyone of our sessions I moan continuously, attack her with foul language and tell her how much I hate her! Her response is always the same, she simply ignores me and reminds me that if I can still speak, then I cant be that tired! She has advised me on dietary requirements to maintain the aggressive training she sets for me. She has also made me aware of useless calories such as champagne, beer, wine etc., I freely admit to listening and adhering to all her warnings over beer. I very, very rarely drink beer now, I used to drink 2-3 gallons a week, I have not done so well with champagne or red wine!

I had an injury while cycling to work and lost the plot a bit regarding training at this time, it has taken me a while to get back into full swing again, the weight has come back on, but I am gradually getting back to where I was and will no doubt start to shed the pounds as before. I owe all of my new fitness and weight loss to Hayati’s training and nutritional advice, so Hayati, I salute you and thank you!

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