Singapore Kettlebell Championships 2012

Singapore’s very first Kettlebell Championships was organized by KettlebellHit and IKSFA at Singapore Badminton Hall on 11th February 2012. It was a hit and participants came from New Zealand, Russia and even Denmark to compete and beat their own personal best.

Our very own Jennifer Tan did a Long Cycle set (Clean and Jerk) for 10mins with a 16kg Kettlebell finishing at 57 reps.

Hayati Nuffus did the same event, Long Cycle with a 16kg and ended with 78 reps to achieve a Rank 2 on the IKFF/IKSFA Ranking system. She also clinched two trophies – the Best Female Lifter for long cycle and Overall Best Female Lifter.

Hip hip, Hooray !Hayati Nuffus Kettlebell Championship Singapore


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