Group Class

Group Class (55mins session)


    New Class Schedule wef 3rd June 2013

No yearly membership fee, no upfront registration fee and no administration fee.

Movement Covered: Swings, Single hand swing, alternate, overhead swings, goblet squat, overhead squat, clean, push press, snatch, turkish get up, russian twist.
(First half: Skills Practice. Last half: Workout of the Day. Come in and chat with me to find out more!)

10 thoughts on “Group Class

  1. Kettle bells exercise are definitely functional and fantastic as it works out the whole body holistically. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed the fun yet challenging kettlebell classes. You will sweat buckets and feel refreshed. Keeps me coming back for more. The techniques are carefully taught so there will be no injuries. Come and join us for the group workouts!

  3. Since beginning this program, I have not only gained strength and endurance but have seen improvement in flexibility as well (something which I have been sorely lacking).

    Being holistic in nature, kettlebell exercises worked into high intensity interval training give you a great workout in a really short amount of time! (long hours in the gym doing isolation exercises may just be a thing of the past for me)

    With improved mobility, range of motion and strength, I actually do feel that I have greater functional strength in day to day activities and quite significantly so. Although this was not my intended goal but it is a positive externality nonetheless!

    Hayati is a great trainer who not only seeks to help you reach your goals but also emphasizes heavily on all round well-being, preventing injury, healing old ailments and eating right. She sincerely wants you to do better and it shows.

    Exercises are scaled to one’s level of proficiency. She allows you the opportunity to hone your technique when it is lacking whilst at the same time constantly challenges you to achieve more.

    Each lesson and workout has been different but I have found all equally enjoyable!

  4. I used to have very weak upper arms prior to joining Hayati’s class and was never confident enough to join in classes held elsewhere that involves lifting anything heavy. I’ve been with Hayati’s kettlebell classes now for a few months and my arms are definitely much stronger – I can do longer planks, more pushups, pullups and some bar work. The right knee that used to ache after a run or a long walk is also much improved. She closely monitors the lunges and squats to ensure we get the full benefit from a right technique.
    I can run much longer now without suffering any aches. Hayati’s kettlebell classes are highly recommended if you need to improve on your overall strength as it doesn’t just focuses on the upper back/arms but the entire body too.

    I definitely feel much stronger and feel more confident !

  5. I have done training with Hayati for Kettelbells for several months now. This is one of the most effective workouts I’ve done, especially in times of time and physiological benefits What I really like about this programme is its emphasis as well on being functionally fit, an important element that is woefully absent in your standard gym programmes.

  6. Hayati is a very knowledgeable personal trainer. Participating in her Kettlebell training gives me a very good understanding of how she trains. She really knows what she is doing. Her training is safe and fun.
    Being a professional bodyworker myself, I am very particular about correct body mechanic and posture during physical training to avoid injury. Hayati has a very good understanding of the human anatomy and function. Her emphasis on safe training gives me confidence to train with her. If you are looking for a balanced workout or to improve on your functional strength and flexibility, you should try out her class

  7. Kettlebells provide a great functional workout, the compound movements make them very efficient at burning fat and building strength.

    There’s always great energy and synergy in the class, and Hayati always pays careful attention to each individual to ensure correct technique (and that no one is cheating!). I’m always looking forward to the WOD which ensures everyone will be sore for a day or two after.

    So, if you are looking to improve your strength and conditioning and your cardio, in a great environment that promotes team work too, come down and join a class!!

  8. Kettlebells are awesome for someone who need a short and sharp yet challenging workout, who has sustained various injuries and who gets easily bored. The sessions at Alphafit are well layered to ensure that everyone, regardless of capabilities, gender etc etc is pushed to their potential. I will be honest, I was initially skeptical of training at Alphafit given previous less than impressive experiences at other sessions in Singapore but I’m glad I gave it a shot. It’s been great. The environment at the gym is extremely conducive and supportive. People here drag themselves over because they care about their fitness- it’s not just training, it’s a lifestyle.

    Plus there’s loads of women here which is awesome- the girls motivate each other to grow stronger while the guys (generally out of pride) won’t dare work less hard than the girls

  9. I enthusiastically recommend Hayati’s Kettlebell classes. Hayati is a fantastic trainer, especially because she is phenomenally in shape herself and truly an inspiration. Just a warning: Be prepared for a killer workout because those kettlebells will work you!

  10. Hayati’s kettlebell classes were one of the best things I was able to do while in Singapore! The classes were fun, challenging, and created an amazing sense of teamwork and friendly competition. I looked forward to going to class every single week and I noticed significant improvements in my strength and fitness, but, more importantly, I felt great. You will be hard pressed to find a gym that is more welcoming and committed to making its members achieve their goals. Hayati is a wonderful trainer and is incredibly passionate about her work. I miss the gym dearly, and since moving from Singapore I have yet to find a gym that even comes close to AlphaFit. Thanks to Hayati, Jenn, and the team @ AlphaFit for teaching me that strong is beautiful.

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