12 Days of Christmas Challenge

12 Days of Christmas Challenge.

Check out this link from 1st – 12th December daily. Perform Workout of the Day. Type scores/comments/screams at the bottom of the page under “comments”. OR post a photo on Facebook, tag AlphaFit and get your friends to like the picture to win classes in January 2013!


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 1

Alternating Tabata: Overhead Swings & Squats

8rounds of
20s OH Swings, 10s Rest, 20s Squats, 10s Rest.

Type your score and weight of Kettlebell in comments below.

Score = Total no. of repetitions done.

Watch Andre’s demo workout here!


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 2

Record total number of rounds in comments column below, have fun!


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 3

Record total time taken (and weight of kettlebell used) to complete everything.
Or you can go all out for 300 swings non stop to avoid the tuck jumps, good luck!


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 4

1  Half TGU (@each side) 10 Burpees
2  Half TGU (@each side)  9 Burpees
3  Half TGU (@each side)  8 Burpees
4  Half TGU (@each side)  7 Burpees
5  Half TGU (@each side)  6 Burpees
6  Half TGU (@each side)  5 Burpees
7  Half TGU (@each side)  4 Burpees
8  Half TGU (@each side)  3 Burpees
9  Half TGU (@each side)  2 Burpees
10 Half TGU (@each side)  1 Burpees

Record total time taken to complete everything! (Please warm up thoroughly before attempting these exercises. Use the correct weight for the TGU!)

Watch Ian’s demo workout here!:


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 5

For those who do not have access to a kettlebell, here’s another one for you. Enjoy!

Record time taken for your score.


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 6

Okay here’s another easy one. Calm before the storm! Have fun.


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 7

7 rounds of
7 Overhead Swings
7 Goblet Squats
7 Russian Twists
7 Burpees
7 Jump Squats
7 Pushups
7 Jackknife

Record total time taken!


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 8

Perform the first 30seconds swings on your weaker hand followed by your master hand. And then CLEAN the bell in your weaker hand first then squat followed by the master hand and then squat. Count your reps and write it down during your rest. Hope the butt is looking good by day 12!


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 9

50 Swings 50 Alt Lunges
50 Snatch 50 Alt Lunges
50 Clean & Jerk/Press 50 Alt Lunges

Go as fast as you can and post your time! (Could not feel my bum for 2 days!)

Watch Hayati’s video here:


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 10

100 burpees for time.

Watch Karin does Day 10 challenge with a 6kg weighted vest here:


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 11

12mins As Many Rounds As Possible
5 OH Swings (Ladies 16kg/ Gentlemen 24kg)
7 Squats
9 Dips

Record total number of rounds accomplished. (Heavy bell, warm up thoroughly!!)


 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 12 (LAST DAY!)

6 rounds of
1 Turkish Get up (each side)
2 Burpees
3 Squats
4 Cleans (each side)
5 Push Press/Jerk (each side)
6 Pushups
7 V – Ups
8 Snatch (each hand)
9 Jackknife
10 Alternate Hand Swings
11 Russian Twist
12 Alternate Lunges
1min REST

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