If you’re strong, go out and play!

If you’re strong, go out and play!

For those who were at the gym on 23rd Feb 2013, you would know that AlphaFit hosted the Movnat certification and I was one of the attendees.

Movnat refers to natural movement which is our ability to climb, run, hop, jump, balance and crawl. Ever see a child perform these movements flawlessly and effortlessly? Perhaps it’s time for adults to go out and reconnect themselves with their bodies. We invest time and money into getting fit which it great. What if one day we don’t have a gym while we are travelling? What if the weather is bad and we can’t play our favourite sport outdoors? Human movement is so varied and complex.

Just look at circus performers, parkour practitioners, dancers, martial artists etc and we marvel at how can be achieved with just our own body. As humans I believe we crave for self expression be it in physical forms or less tangible art forms; we are complex creatures and our physical activities should also cater to this aspect of our being. Therefore, besides going to the gym and pushing your physical limits; test your abilities in other settings. Try some rock climbing, try a new sport, try some dance, swing on the monkey bars etc and you’ll realise things about your body you never would in the gym. Perhaps some of these activities may reveal weaknesses or strengths but the point is, spend some time playing; be it in parkour or other creative movement.

Test out your new found strengths built in the gym and be surprised with yourself. Lifelong activity is achieved more easily when there’s a right dose of physical challenge and complexity for the mind.

Hence, at Alphafit, we employ various training modalities and tools to keep things fresh and your body and mind challenged every time. The video below is me exploring some parkour and just having fun. So, anyone game for some parkour strength and conditioning?

Written by: KC TAN

IKFF Level 1&2 Certified Kettlebell Teacher
NCAP Level 1 Wrestling 
NCAP Level 1 Weightlifting
MOVNAT Level 1 Trainer
ADAPT Level 1 Parkour instructor
Movement Efficiency Trainer
Rehab Essentials: Rehab Trainer (Aust)

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