The GCAAR负责紧急救济项目 was created in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is run by an outside non-profit entity.

GCAAR关怀紧急救济项目向 GCAAR primary and affiliate members in good standing with GCAAR for a minimum of three of the last five years who have experienced a financial hardship due to natural disaster, 家庭紧急情况, a death in the immediate family or extraordinary health or medical expenses.

Grants cannot be used toward the payment of membership dues or to offset the loss of income.

No applicants may request assistance from the fund no more than once per year.

如果这个定义适用于你, 请寻求帮助并利用GCAAR会员福利! Read through the rest of this page for details on how to apply for this confidential program, which has already made a profound difference in some of your colleagues’ lives.


符合条件的个人可以申请500美元至3美元的补贴,如果你在支付健康或医疗费用方面有困难,可以提供1万美元的帮助, 比如医疗账单或处方, 家庭紧急情况如住房, 纪念或其他生活必需品.

确保申请人的机密性, we’ve enlisted the help of a third-party organization to administer and fulfill the program: Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) reviews the applications, 确定基金的资格并分配基金.


申请这个项目请电子邮件 emergencyrelief@www.hayatinuffus.com 表示你的兴趣. 这是个机密电邮地址, and it will be used ONLY so that GCAAR can confirm your eligibility for the program and to connect you with CAAB to begin the application process. 

在GCAAR, 亿博体育官方承诺向你们所有人提供资源, 作为亿博体育官方房地产经纪人®家庭的一部分, 成功所需要的. And in these difficult times, this program helps us continue to deliver on that purpose.




One GCAAR member explains that he did not originally believe he qualified for the program, 但很高兴他申请了.
“我需要钱,因为我感染了COVID-19. 在我的阴性测试之后, I ended up in a group titled the COVID long-haulers because of how the virus damaged my body. 我必须定期去看医生. Because of those visits and constant lab tests, my medical bills have been piling up. 在我得到GCAAR的帮助之前, 我必须在看医生和给孩子买食物之间做出选择." 

“亿博体育官方所能要求的一切... 是接受帮助的机会,不管结果如何."

最近, a GCAAR member whose father had died and whose mother had been diagnosed with dementia and COVID-19 was able to take advantage of the GCAAR负责紧急救济项目.

“真诚地感谢您给我这个机会. 亿博体育官方所能要求的... is for an opportunity to receive assistance, no matter the outcome,” said the member. You do not need to test positive for the coronavirus to be eligible for these benefits. 在gcaar找到亿博体育官方可以帮助你的方法.com/emergencyrelief


当COVID-19开始在全国传播时, 一名GCAAR成员的医生建议他进行隔离. As a cancer survivor, he was at higher risk for negative effects from the coronavirus. “失业快结束了,我的存款每个月都在减少,“这个成员说他面临无家可归. “GCAAR关怀应运而生,帮助我活得更长一些. 谢谢你们,谢谢你们所有人伸出援手帮助他人。. 


One GCAAR member was hospitalized for nine days when learned she had a rare blood cancer - putting her in the high-risk category for COVID-19. Read on for details about how the GCAAR负责紧急救济项目 was able to provide support. 

“我的健康和治疗一直是我的主要关注点, 生意不景气,我的积蓄也迅速耗尽. When I saw the 电子邮件 from GCAAR about the grant I was excited and responded immediately. I truly appreciated the simplicity of the application process and the quickness in the decision-making. 谢谢GCAAR的资助项目. 这表明你关心你的会员和亿博体育官方的健康, 特别是在这个前所未有的时代."

"我知道很多人可能比亿博体育官方更痛苦, so it was hard to ask for help..."

一个妈妈, wife and loyal GCAAR member and her family have unfortunately been directly affected by the pandemic, but we were able to offer aid in their time of need as part of this program.

“Covid-19已经放置了物理, 作为一个家庭,亿博体育官方面临着精神和经济上的困难, but we are very lucky that GCAAR has generously set up a grant to help financially if someone in your family contracts covid-19. The GCAAR负责紧急救济项目 was an easy and confidential process... 我知道很多人可能比亿博体育官方更痛苦, 因此,很难寻求医疗和家庭费用方面的帮助. We appreciate the financial assistance that the GCAAR Cares Emergency Relief program has provided us, and we really are thankful for their generosity during these unprecedented times.”

She thought twice about applying to the program because of the sensitivity around COVID-19. 她觉得好像有其他人比她更需要帮助, but she was given reassurance that she could depend on her GCAAR family during a phase of life that created instant isolation for her family.


One member was struggling during the pandemic to keep her mother and herself afloat when she saw the program could help her financially. “To see that GCAAR was offering its members like myself who have been experiencing somewhat of a rough time during this pandemic 没有什么不像如释重负的叹息吗. This assistance has been a breath of fresh air and has put me in a position to assist my mother who was affected by COVID-19 and has been unable to work her normal hours. 我已经能够更好地维持她房子的一些需求. GCAAR truly cares about their members, and if I never knew it before this emergency relief was proof!"  

"Knowing that someone is there helped us realize we are facing this pandemic together."

One GCAAR member recently told us about the positive impact the program has had for him personally, once he realized he met the qualifications for it: "GCAAR Cares helped me and my family when we were in the most difficult situation mentally, 在情感上和经济上. 大流行影响了我最亲密的家庭成员,我的父亲. 看到我母亲也经历了整个过程,我感到很难过. GCAAR Cares帮助亿博体育官方起步,给了我母亲一份解脱的礼物. Knowing that someone is there helped us realize we are facing this pandemic together. 感谢GCAAR Cares!”

"The support from GCAAR Cares was very much appreciated especially in these challenging times."

The support from GCAAR Cares was very much appreciated especially in these challenging times. I have family members who was unable to work after being hospitalized due to testing positive for COVID-19.这些资金能够支付日常开支. 感谢GCAAR关怀在这些艰难的时刻在这里提供帮助.


It's definitely been helpful to receive assistance from the organization and provides an opportunity for some financial relief. 我的家人非常感激和感激这个项目. 非常感谢!!


非常感谢你们!!! 我在打字的时候真的哭了! 你们都不知道这对亿博体育官方有多大帮助! 谢谢你十次.